The project is financed by the Council of Europe.

The project is designed for May – October 2021

Target regions: Ukraine

Project partner: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, secondary schools

Aim: to develop resiliency skills of adolescents necessary to protect themselves from sexual abuse on-line and off-line through conducting awareness raising campaign in schools


  • Conducting the awareness raising campaign
  • Development informational and methodological materials for educators on the issues of forming safe behaviour skills of teenagers to prevent on-line and off-line sexual abuse
  • Training for educators on conducting interactive classes for teenagers on the issues of child on-line and off-line sexual abuse prevention
  • Conducting interactive classes for teenagers on the issues of child on-line and off-line sexual abuse prevention

Main results:

  • 5 million unique Facebook users are covered by the posts of the information campaign aimed at drawing the attention of parents and educators to the problem of child sexual abuse online and offline, raising awareness of adolescents aged 13-17, educators and parents about the culture of safety that protects against violence;
  • the “Be Smart” campaign page was created , which contains information for professionals and parents about: the urgency of the problem of child sexual abuse online and offline; additional resources on the problem of child sexual abuse and ways of prevention, including those created by the Council of Europe; how the child's right for protection from violence are enshrined in law, and where to seek help in case of suspicion or a fact of child sexual abuse. At the end of the project, the campaign page had reached 12,700 unique views;
  • a video course "Safe adults - children are safe" was created, designed to help the specialist to form a professional position on the topic of sexual abuse, preventive measures and to model professional behavior in communication with children;
  • an online course was developed for working with children 14 years and older "I know how to protect myself" on the formation of safe behavior skills and methodological recommendations were prepared for educators to work with this course;
  • during online seminars 141 specialists got acquainted with the peculiarities of work in the online format on child sexual abuse prevention;
  • at least 11,000 teenagers received products with campaign identities and learned about safe behaviors to protect them from sexual abuse;
  • more than 10,000 campaign poster sets are placed throughout Ukraine in institutions working with children.

Contact person: Yuliya Maliyenko, project manager