news 01.10.18The Safe Educational Environment Code (CBEC) is an internal educational institution’s document that should regulate all activities of the institution related to violations of the rights of the individual to safety, as well as issues of its support and intervention in a situation where there may be a threat to its life, and prosperity.

On September 27-28, 2018, a workshop was organized in Kyiv to familiarize the representatives of educational institutions with the peculiarities of developing and implementing a document of the educational institution "Code of Safe Educational Environment".

Within two days the participants of the workshop considered the structure and stages of the development of the CBEC; analyzed which issues could be solved by the implementation of the CBEC; how to check the effectiveness of the document, how to make the CBES "live" and effective.

"Since the Ministry of Education of Ukraine draws attention to the creation of a safe educational environment, the information received is very useful for work in this direction. Thank you to the organizers and speakers! The topic is very relevant today "- shares one of participants impressions from the event.

The event was organized within the project “Prevention of child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation in Central and Eastern Europe” implemented by Child Well-Being Fund Ukraine in partnership with Empowering Children Foundation with the financial support of OAK Foundation.