The project is financed by OAK Foundation.

The project is designed for September 2014 - August 2019 and has been implementing in Ukraine.

Aim: to prevent sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children in Central and East European countries.

Project partner: Empowering Children Foundation (Poland).


  • Social informational campaigns addressing general societies;
  • Surveys on social attitudes towards sexual exploitation of children and youth;
  • Exchange of expertise and good practice in the field of school and preschool prevention programs;
  • The educational resources development : lesson scenarios for professionals, plans for educational meetings with parents, leaflets and brochures for parents, children, teenagers and professionals and multimedia;
  • Workshops for professionals (teachers, pedagogues, psychologist) focusing on: resilience building, preventive activities for small children in the field of sexual abuse and conducting educational meeting with parents, risks of sexual exploitation online and off-line, consequences, methods used by perpetrators, available tools and resources to run preventive activities with adolescents;
  • Developing and introducing child protection standards and policies in educational institutions-pilot project;
  • Running the website on child sexual abuse prevention.

Specific objectives:

  • Society will reduce their tolerance towards sexual exploitation of youth
  • Better understanding of the links between sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children
  • Children and youth will obtain knowledge and will develop resiliency skills necessary to protect themselves from sexual abuse and to prevent their entry into sexual exploitation in all its forms
  • The systemic protection of children from sexual abuse and exploitation and wide range of support will be provided in preschool, primary and secondary schools in project countries

Contact person: Yulia Malienko, Project manager