On August 20-21, Child Well-Being Fund Ukraine held a final conference "Safe Environment: How to Teach Your Child to Protect"news 22.08.19
The event was intended for professionals working in the field of child abuse prevention, and aimed at share experience on educational activities with children and parents conserning child sexual abuse prevention and developing safe behavior skills.

During the conference participants:

  • summarized the implementation of the project on child sexual abuse prevention;
  • got acquainted with the results of a national survey on the public's attitude towards the commercial sexual exploitation of children;
  • shared experience of conducting educational activities on the development of safe behavior of children on the basis of methodological developments presented within the project;
  • analyzed professionals’ needs and problems in the sphere of child sexual abuse prevention;
  • discussed the peculiarities of working with parents / caregivers on the development of safe behavior for children;
  • got acquainted with the experience of the work of the National Center for the Prevention of Violence against Children of the Republic of Moldova in support of children victims of sexual abuse.

Participants noted the useful content and materials of the event. They raised their own motivation to continue their educational activities to prevent child sexual abuse:

«A wonderful, productive event. I received a lot of positive emotions, expanded my knowledge thanks to the information I heard ... It was as if the conference had taken in the same breath. Thank you so much!!!»

«Thanks for the opportunity to participate, for the interesting and information which was useful, easy to understand and professionally explained»

«I have positive impressions. Thank you all for your work. My personal gratitude for the belief that I am a unique specialist».

The event was organized in the frame of the projects “Prevention of child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation in Central and Eastern Europe – a comprehensive approach” with the support of the OAK Foundation and “Teaching children to be protected from sexual abuse” supported by the Democracy Grants Program of the U.S. Embassy to Ukraine.