Aim: to help children undergoing the medical treatment in the department of Children's Cancer Center №3 of Volyn Regional Children's Hospital.

The project is supported by ChildFund Deutschland e.V., Germany

Implementation period: 2014 - 2019.

Project focus

Cancer is one of the burning issues of health care in Ukraine. Malignant tumors are diagnosed in almost every 50th Ukrainian (let's compare with the fact that every 270th in the world is diagnosed to have cancer). Our country holds the 5th place according to the rates of mortality from the malignant tumors in children under 14.

Children's Cancer Center №3 of Volyn Regional Children's Hospital helps children of any age to fight against serious diseases - leukemia and different types of malignant tumors and lymphadenomas. The state financing enables the purchase of the expensive modern medicaments in a limited numbers though, which is not enough to cure all the children.

The course of medical treatment costs around 10-15 thousand US dollars, depending on the age and seriousness of the disease. Even if the state provides the partial payment, only few parents can find such an amount of money.

Sponsoring the purchase of the expensive medicaments, the project supports the doctors' professionalism and gives a chance for children, and hope for their parents.

Contact person: Tetiana Khomutinina, Project Coordinator