According to the data of the survey conducted by Child Well-being Fund Ukraine in July 2009, more than a third of people in Ukraine believes that physical punishment of children is not only permissible but it is necessary.

Child abuse and disregard of their interests may have different types and forms, but their consequences are always serious damage to health, development and socialization of the child, and often threat to her/his life or even cause of death.

In some families as a disciplinary measure different types of corporal punishment - from slap on the nape and slippers to strapping are used. It is necessary to understand that physical violence as a physical attack (torture), it is almost always accompanied by verbal abuse and psychological trauma.
Negative health consequences include: loss or deterioration of the function of any organ, the development of diseases, disorders in physical or mental development. Out of the 100 cases of physical abuse of children around 1-2 end in death of victims of the abuse. The impacts of physical abuse are bruises, injuries, fractures, damage to internal organs: liver, spleen, kidneys and others. It takes time to heal these injuries, but even more time and effort are required to cure the heart wounds, the psyche of the child that suffered from beatings.

Materials of the campaign are prepared by agency DDB Latvia, adapted by the organization "Centrs Dardedze" (Latvia) and made in the framework of the project “Implementation of a pilot model of structural prevention of child abuse”, that is implemented by Child Well-being Fund Ukraine funded by “Brot für die Welt” (Germany)