The project is implemented by Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe and financed by German Federal Foreign Office.

Duration of the project: January 1 - December 31, 2016.

Project goal: To restore the livelihoods of IDPs through solving their current problems.

Project geography:

  • Donetsk oblast (Mangush settlement)
  • Dnipropetrovsk city and Dnipropetrovsk oblast
  • Kharkiv city and Kharkiv oblast

Project objectives:

  • To meet basic needs of IDPs though implementation of the Voucher program in Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Donetsk oblasts.
  • To provide social and psychological assistance to displaced persons in particular with regard to coping with stress and loss, non-violent communication, effective management of own finances and resources etc.

Expected results:

  • 8200 of IDPs (approximately 3 thousand families) received and spend on monthly basis assistance aimed to purchase food products and other basic necessities.
  • 1280 of IDPs participated in group discussions, they show a decrease of stress level and successfully use acquired knowledge and skills.
    About project components in more detail.

Contact person: Olena Shypilenko, Project Manager

Regional project partner in Dnipropetrovsk oblast - «Dopomoga Dnipra» Charity Foundation.