Aim of the project to provide humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons from the eastern regions of Ukraine, which is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (Germany).

The project is designed to help families with children who moved from areas where the anti-terrorist operation.

One of the important objectives of this project is to provide the basic needs of internally displaced persons in Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions, namely the transfer of food kits, hygiene, winter baby clothes, baby blankets and first aid kits. Adult IDPs receive warm winter blankets.

The transfer of humanitarian aid in the Donetsk region will be in partnership with the Red Cross Society of Ukraine.

It is expected that the project activity will be a place for temporary accommodation for 200 IDPs in the city Kriviy Rig Dnepropetrovsk region. In addition to temporary accommodation IDPs will be provided food as well, and again needs them will be given first medical aid.

The project will run until February, 2015.

Contact person: Olena Shypilenko, Project Manager