The aim of the event “Little Ukrainians need adult assistance” is to raise funds among the Ukrainian community to meet the needs of orphans and children without parental care, who are brought up in state care institutions.

The event was held in several stages:

  • January 13, 2006 the Fund on behalf of “MPG Ukraine” handed the inmates of Verbska boarding school (Rivne region) gifts to the Christmas holidays. On New Year's Day, every child received a set of stationery: felt-tip pens, colored pencils, paints, album for painting, copybooks and pens;
  • since 11 to 14 of April, 2006 the Fund was raising money during the International Forum of goods and services for children Baby Expo-2006. During four days 2 448 UAH 86 kopecks were raised, for which CCF bought personal hygiene products for children of Verbska boarding school;
  • May 20, 2006 during the celebration of Europe Day in Kyiv 1109 UAH 67 kopecks were raised from the residents and guests to purchase personal hygiene products for children of Kiev reception and distribution center for minors. Ukrainian Fund “Child Well-being” expresses its sincere gratitude to all who supported the charity event “Little Ukrainians need adult assistance”.

Special thanks to:

  • company “MPG Ukraine”;
  • company “ACCO International”,