Since November 2006 Child Well-being Fund Ukraine began charity event "Searching for Angel" which was aimed at mobilizing resources of Ukrainian society to create opportunities for orphans and children without parental care to grow and to be brought up in a family environment.

The main result of the campaign will be the provision of two new family-type homes for upbringing of orphans and children without parental care in Kaniv and Kirovograd. Implementation period of the campaign: November 1, 2006 - December 31, 2007.

Charity campaign was focused on the collection of charity funds among the Ukrainian population to find additional financing for the purchase of facilities for family-type homes for orphans and children without parental care.

Charity campaign included various activities such as: charity concerts of music bands, participation in exhibitions and conferences (raising charitable donations), sponsorship, and other measures.

Charity concert of the music bands:

  • Charity Concert of the band “Kryhitka Tsahes” in November 2006.
  • Charity Concert of the band “Drum Ecstasy” in April 2007.
  • Charity Concert of the band and “...I moy drug grusovik” in June 2007.

Participation in exhibitions and conferences:

In general, during the concert 24673 UAH 67 kopecks were donated. Concerts were held at the club “Flat baboon”, the administration of which kindly proposed the lodging to hold the concerts requested space to organize concerts free of charge.

Important place in the whole charity campaign played a charity event on raising charitable donations "Little Ukrainians need adult assistance", which took place during the exhibitions and conferences. Total during 6 months 7531 UAH 75 kopecks were raised.

Much attention has been paid within the campaign to the work with sponsors. So building company «Tarkett» provided with high quality linoleum coverage for the two buildings for free, LLC “Atika” and company “Sprint LM” provided the purchase of furniture for family-type homes.

Successful was the cooperation with a famous Ukrainian artist Evgenia Gapchinskaya. She gave for free reproductions of her paintings to print greeting and Christmas cards. Anyone could buy this card and make a contribution. While sailing postcards 9062 UAH 71 kopecks were donated, out of which 6500 is the contribution of Kreditprombank which bought cards for the distribution among its departments.

An important component of the charity campaign was the information support in organizing activities. Information support was provided by companies «City Club Card», «Atlant M», ACCO International, FUTBOLKA.UA, Musical Instrument Store "Tik-Tak", magazine "Afisha" and others.

Also, the result of the campaign “Searching for Angel” became significant discounts that were granted by the companies which carried out major repairs in Kirovograd, as well as organizations which held the purchase of household equipment for homes.

Total during a conduct of a charity campaign “Searching for Angel” more than 100000 UAH were donated, including both direct funding and logistical values provided for free, building materials and discounts.